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Ooh, icons!
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Hello, and welcome to oohcommaicons! Here is where the six of us post icons of our latest fandoms.

Our members are Alex (dim_indigo, aka karatekicks); Anna (6helterskelter6, aka dorks_anon); Ayla (toxikos, aka stitched_scars); Glop (gorthead, aka purple_foam); Meghan (supermeghan, aka meghansicons); and Skippy (bangbang_powpow, aka skippingskippy).

Check our tags for all our posts, organized by fandom/subject.

1. Comment! We like feedback! Don't have anything to say? Just tell us which icons you like or are taking.
2. Credit. Icons do take effort, and we'd all like that effort to be recognized. New to LiveJournal, don't know how? Credit in keywords where you upload your icons, here.
3. No hotlinking, unless you are nominating an icon.
4. Want to join? Sorry. This community's just so the six of us can post in the same place, and we don't plan on including anyone new unless we know them personally. We'd love it if you'd friend us, though!

Link us!

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PS: the comma in 'oohcommaicons' comes from shoebox_project. Go read it. Even if you don't like Harry Potter.