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The Fifth Element, Full Metal Jacket, Serenity, Sin City, Pulp Fiction, Pirates, X-Men 2

It's the end of term, so NATURALLY instead of doing work I'm making icons to procrastinate, yesss.

some of these are kind of ugly by the way, hahaaa.
01-04 Fifth Element
05-08 Full Metal Jacket
09-10 Serenity
11-12 Sin City
13-16 Pulp Fiction
17-18 Pirates
19-19 X-Men 2

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

I've noticed my icons have been getting pretty boring, I've completely given up on text entirely. And all the Pulp Fiction ones look slightly... wonky!? I think the caps I used were kindof distorted, goddamn.

OK so when I was in Ottawa this weekend there was a sale in HMV and I couldn't restrain myself and bought FOUR MOVIES (Trainspotting, Full Metal Jacket, Pulp Fiction, Sin City), OH my god I am IN LOVE with Sin City, well I'm in love with all four of them, but I had never seen SC before, HOMG. It's beautifulllll. Arrrhgak I don't understand how it can be made by the same man that does the fucking Spy Kid movies, wtf. Anyways, it has officially taken Fight Club's spot as my number one favourite movie ever, I watched 4 times in two days. I of course still love FC, it is impossible not too. Is it weird that my two favourite movies ever are both really really violent? They are also both adapted from books. And I also went out and bought the books they were adapted from after watching them. Ha ha. Frank Miller is a genius, reading The Hard Goodbye is equal to eating an entire tub of ice cream pleasure-giving-wise. I could have compared it to something dirty and sexual but I didn't want to creep anyone out.

Haha, all my icons of Full Metal Jacket are of Adam Baldwin, lollll. This isn't ENTIRELY intentional, the only caps I found of FMJ were ALL of him. Hahaha, he is kindof an insane qt in this movie though so no complaints.

And no ONE shall insult me for having an icon with BRUCE WILLIS in it, he is in 3 (THREE!!!) of my favourite movies (Sin City, Pulp Fiction, 5th Element) (and that is not counting the amazingness of Die Hard) HE CAN DO NO HARM. BRUCE WILLIS IS COOL OK!?

OK SO I have been reduced to using caps I find off of cap_it (which aren't always the ones I actually WANT) because none of my movie-watching programs have the screencap feature. This SUCKS and I need you guys (all or any of you!) to recommend me one that does, a free one plz, I am a poor starving student after all.
Tags: full metal jacket, pirates of the caribbean, pulp fiction, serenity, sin city, the fifth element, x-men 2
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